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Individual and Chapter Promises

Whether it’s on national news or it’s just a change a mother notices, the promises our students keep make a difference. Their promises are modeled behavior that helps build a culture of personal responsibility in each school. Their personal successes are inspiring, but they also come together to make group promises to help others in need. 

Promise Stories From Our Chapters

Friendship during Hard Times

Our Chapter members are encouraged to share promise stories with one another, and help inspire peers to make and keep their own promises. Below is …
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Recognizing Unsung Heroes

In a world where celebrities and athletes are idealized, we recognize that there are many unsung heroes’ that work to better the world around them, …
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341 Cards.

According to a 2020 Guide2Research study, 75 % of American high schoolers and half of middle schoolers described themselves as “often or always feeling …
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