Friendship during Hard Times

Our Chapter members are encouraged to share promise stories with one another, and help inspire peers to make and keep their own promises. Below is the promise story of Elazay, a Chapter member from Austin High School, captured and shared with us by fellow Chapter Member Annica.

Elazay is always there when a friend is in need. One of her best friends, Devin, is going through hard times and “just needs someone to vent to about everything, so I’m there for her.” Elazay and Devin hang out every day at school and are inseparable. The two girls are always laughing and talking until one day Elazay noticed something off about Devin. “usually we could be talking and laughing without a car in the world but lately she’s been off and I didn’t know why” ,Elazay states. “she wouldn’t really talk to me until I finally got It out of her”, “her parents are going through a really bad divorce and she’s taking it kind of hard.” “I told her I would be there for her no matter what.” and that’s what she did. Elazay has been there for Devin and still is. She is helping her best friend through her struggles and will continue.