Making a difference one piece of trash at a time

People drop it and the wind carries it. It is transported into our bodies of water and all over our communities. It destroys our wildlife, our drinking water, and makes communities look unwelcoming and the world aesthetically unpleasing. “People start pollution, People can stop it.” While litter and littering have decreased, they continue to have a significant impact on our communities and environment. Not taking responsibility today, leads to an unsustainable future. Need to see it, to believe it? Take a look at your favorite childhood park that is now covered in trash. When you sit back and think about how you wish your community looked or how much nicer it would be to see flowers instead of fast food to-go bags these are the long-term goals you hope for.

But how do we get there and where do you start? There are going to be some obstacles along the way, but according to research, picking up trash and motivating others to do the same will eventually lead to those desired long-term goals. Making the first step today will positively impact your community tomorrow.

Students from our Canyon Lake Chapter decided to make that first step for their community by organizing a trash pick up. On a beautiful Saturday in October, Canyon Lake High School Chapter members descended upon Overlook Park to fulfill a promise. From their recon of the location, hundreds of plastic bottles, fast food containers, and beer cans littered the ground, distracting visitors from an otherwise beautiful view of Canyon Lake. After seeing this firsthand, students made a promise to clean up as much of the park as possible. They got to work recruiting members and getting supplies donated to help them in this endeavor. By the end of the day, 148 student and adult volunteers collected 150 trash bags worth of items, leaving the park spotless for future visitors to enjoy.