Jan lost her job, but she is not a quitter.

Back in March, I visited a group of high school students in central Ohio who volunteered in an organization called PAVE (Prevent Assault and Violence Education). These teens offered peer-to-peer education in middle schools to prevent bullying, dating violence and sexual assault. Due to budget cuts, the organization completely lost funding. Jan, the woman who ran this organization, asked me to come speak to the kids about the importance of a commitment. Funding or not, she needed the kids to understand the importance of their work. On the day she had to deliver the bad news, Jan gave all the students a promise card that said “I will always love you.”

Jan lost her job… but she is not a quitter. The organization still runs because Jan volunteers her time. She wonders how she will support her family of 5, but she does not wonder if the students of PAVE are worth her time.

Jan, thank you for your selflessness.