Wendy Risked Her Life for Others

When a gunman came charging into the office building she was working in with 10 others in June of 2018, Wendy Winters didn’t hesitate to try to stop him from further harming her coworkers. She picked up what she could, a garbage bin and a recycling bin, and charged at the active shooter to try to stop him. Sadly, she was shot in the chest and died from her wounds, but may have saved others through this act of bravery and heroism.

Wendy Winters was awarded Carnegie Medal from the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission for risking and giving her life to save the lives of others. Because I said I would is an organization with programs focusing on character education and we appreciate the work of the Carnegie Hero Fund recognizing people like Wendy. She deserves to be recognized for being a person of character; a person who believed so deeply in the value of life that she was willing to give her own to preserve others. See our Code of Honor: becauseisaidiwould.org/honor.