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Week 19 of 52 Promises: “I will create a bucket list.”

I think everyone should write a bucket list. It’s important that we understand our mortality and live with an appreciation for the limited time we have on this world. Check out this week’s video and hear about why I believe it’s important to have a bucket list. Here are a few sites that can help you get started!

The social cause for the week is Hospice of the Western Reserve. I really admire and appreciate those who serve the terminally ill. This week’s video is dedicated to all individuals and organizations that care for our loved ones in their final days.

I believe bucket lists should be flexible and change as your life changes. I won’t be writing these goals on promise cards because I may change my mind in the future for one reason or another and some of these goals may be beyond my control. That being said, here is a first draft of my bucket list…

  • Play with 10 or more puppies at once
  • Race a car on a professional track
  • Snowboard out west
  • Shoot a recurve bow while riding a horse
  • Help someone else complete their bucket list
  • Visit South Korea
  • Visit Hong Kong
  • Give a speech in another country
  • Give a TED Talk
  • Physically save someone’s life in a time of emergency
  • Have a garden grown from seeds from plants I grew from seeds
  • Convince 1,000 people to quit smoking
  • Teach rape victims self defense
  • Speak to a live audience of 5,000 people
  • Own a sweet tree house
  • Read or listen to Gandhi’s autobiography
  • Earn my black belt in Karate
  • Earn 100 certifications/license
  • Earn a pilot’s license

What’s on your bucket list?