Three Tips to Stay Motivated This Summer

The world is opening back up and oh how it has changed!

How are you going to approach life differently and what promises are you making this summer? Alex Sheen, five-time TEDxTalk speaker, has put together a few thoughts on how to stay motivated this summer.

1. Before and after pics are weirdly motivating

This tactic is especially helpful if your promise creates a difference that is visually noticeable. Take a “BEFORE” picture prior to getting started on your commitment. Whether you’re helping your friend move out of their packed apartment or pulling weeds at a community garden, the results afterward can be dramatic. Plan to make a sweet “BEFORE & AFTER” comparison picture for motivation, and as a little reward for your hard work. Start a whole album of these pictures that tell the story of the promises you made and kept over the summer. Consider sharing these pictures on social media to inspire and encourage others to make and keep promises too!

2. Work on those playlists

Music can keep your mind focused or boost your energy level. But do you have the right playlist for the moment? Create or discover music playlists that counterbalance the challenges you’re struggling with. Here are a few playlist ideas that can help you get through certain activities:

  • Journaling your emotions = Emotional movie soundtrack
  • Getting better sleep = Relaxing music
  • Exercise = Fast-paced, dance music
  • Focusing on studying = Instrumental music (no lyrics)
  • Cleaning the house = Oldies with upbeat lyrics

3. Volunteer outside

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, 94% of people who volunteer say that volunteering improves their mood. Many volunteer programs were shut down due to the pandemic. But now that things are starting to open back up, find a nonprofit that has a volunteer opportunity outdoors. You’ll get some sun and exercise, which can triple boost your mood! Here’s a great website to find a volunteer opportunity near you: If you can’t find an outdoor gig, you can still get a boost helping to change lives indoors!