“I’ve always dreamed of having children…”

“I’ve always dreamed of having children. The whole fantasy having that white fence around my family home, married and then having children but that fanasty is not my reality. The reality is that I am a young girl, 20 years old, trying to find a new way to live from using heroin. My first because I said I would card said ” I will stay clean and sober because I said I would..” Now mommy has a 11 months sober. My next card says ” I will ALWAYS protect you, love you, and take care of you and to be the best mother I can be.. Because I said I would. ” I’ve been saving this second card for something very special and I finally decided what I wanted my promise to be. To my little angels that are on the way. I promise I will do anything in my power to do whatever it takes to love you and fulfill your needs. I will never let you feel unloved. Mommy may have an unpleasant past and I probably will struggle because I didn’t get that perfect fantasy but I know once you two are born it will be all I ever wanted. So this is for you… Because I said I would.”

Posted by Nicole.
Being a good mother is hard. It takes a type of commitment that some will never understand. But some understand what is at stake and recognize the sacrifices that must be made for their children.