Minimize time on Social Media

The Promise

I will minimize my time on social media for the next month.

Impact of the Promise

It seems as if social media runs our world these days. Everything, ranging from talking with friends to business advertising, seems to be fueled by social media. As revolutionary as these platforms have been, it is important to understand their downsides as well. It’s no coincidence that mental health awareness has become much more prominent at the beginning of the social media era. A study by the University of Pennsylvania showed that students who limited their social media use to 30 minutes per day had lower of levels of depression and loneliness. While the study definitely had a few limitations, it made its point: social media is best used in moderation.

According to another study by the Journal of Behavior Addictions, individuals had a higher tendency to make risky decisions after using social media for long periods of time. This can explain why social media is so addictive: as we continuously scroll through our feed, we aren’t actively aware of how the content we’re viewing affects our thinking. So, should we completely give up social media? The simple answer is no – that’s impossible in the modern world. However, keeping social media time to a minimum will likely lead to more happiness and productivity in other aspects of life.

Action Items


  • Find an alternative way to receive your news
  • Talk with others in person instead of texting
  • Document how you feel each day of this month-long task


  • Use your phone before sleeping
  • Be pressured by others to use social media
  • Completely avoid social media; moderation is key


Element of Honor

Self Control

My greatest battle lies within. Control over one’s own emotions, desires and actions often defines the success or the failure of a promise. I work to build self-control so that I may better myself and the world around me.

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