Canyon High School

Canyon High school is home to one of our because I said I would High School Chapters. Our high school Chapters teach students the importance of a promise, while providing unique personal development workshops to students. Members also make a promise to volunteer together, and each Chapter plans and hosts four volunteer projects a year. Together their student leadership team and Chapter Advisors, help bring the mission of because I said I would to their school & community. See more info on their leaders, projects and more below!

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Volunteering as a Chapter.

Together as a Chapter we are working to host volunteer projects to better our school and community. Each project will address a different issue, and have a different impact. See a recap of our completed volunteer projects below.

Texas is ranked second in the nation for food insecurity, with 1 in 6 living in food insecure homes. That is why Canyon High School students had a desire to combat hunger and food insecurity in their hallways. They understand that, over time, poor nutrition can increase risk of depression and anxiety, while also decreasing energy levels, creativity, and focus. Their school offers a “food bank” within the office of their school, but it is mostly funded by the teachers and staff. Students decided to open up a community-wide food drive, which raised over 1600 items in only 10 days. Afterwards, an estimated 30 students spent an afternoon cleaning the office shelves in the school’s food bank and re-organizing items to keep potential allergy-inducing foods like peanut butter, gluten, and soy sectioned together.

After school ended for the year, 16 students put off their summer break just a little longer to take part in a beautification effort. Students planted 2 trees, 4 bushes, and 11 flowers in the front side of their school. The Teacher Advisor overseeing the project reflected that the experience helped students understand the importance of hard work and manual labor. Students were very proud of their work, and the clerical and custodial staff complemented them greatly! Some students even stated they would love to plant flowers and shrubs in their own yards at home to help beautify their own neighborhoods!

Chapter Leadership Team

Promise Stories from Chapter Members

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