Three bites

My love of sugar and sweets…”They were my baby blanket if I was sad or lonely, my celebration when I was happy, my energy when I was tired, and my best friend. Each day they were there for me! The worst part was that I didn’t feel in control of my eating. I felt like my eating controlled me. I didn’t like the fact that my appetites were in charge. Because my weight was a reflection of my eating habits, I never was at a weight that I felt comfortable…varying from 25-40 pounds overweight. Over my 64 years of life, I had tried going to weight loss clubs, Overeaters Anonymous, tried every new diet that came down the pike, and read every self-motivating book I could get my hands on. I had some success now and then but it never was sustaining. Coming home from a business trip last November, I read the article in the Spirit Magazine, “The Everyday Action Hero”, and that article touched me and motivated me SO MUCH. I ordered promise cards and other items and, on 8 January 2014, I filled out my first promise card. I gave my promise an end date of May 16, 2014 as that would be my 65th birthday. However, I have adopted that promise as part of my life forever. I allow myself three bites of any sweet as long as it is immediately following a meal. Therefore, the sugars mix with my other food and do not spike my sugar addiction. Sometimes my sweet is three bites of an ice cream bar and it takes me 3-4 meals to finish it. Sometimes it is three bites of a yummy dessert while we are eating out….whatever I feel like eating. I never feel deprived. Most times, I don’t have any sweets at all. Along with the “three bite rule”, I try to eat something every three hours so that my sugar level doesn’t get too low. When I snack, I eat only items where the fiber is higher (or equal to) the sugar content under the Total Carbohydrates on the nutrition label. Finally, I feel so happy and free!! Sugars and sweets and food are NOT in control!! I have found that my general appetite has decreased and have realized that sugars, besides being very addictive and unhealthy, spike appetite. I eat less and, as a side note, have lost 15 pounds since January 8, 2014. I can’t tell you how good it feels to FINALLY be free from this lifelong struggle. And, it all started because of Alex Sheen, the Spirit article, and Me….Because I Said I Would!” Phyllis, we are incredibly proud of you.

"Three bites" promise

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