“On September 10, 1996, my father hung himself in our garage (my mother and I found him on our way home from school.) From that day forward, my mom, MY Supermom, gave up her entire life to care for me on a private school elementary teacher’s salary. She has selflessly provided for me in ways that make me question her humanity – surely no mortal could prepare chocolate chip pancakes or omelettes for breakfast every morning, cart a selfish child to and from dance practice, soccer, swimming and piano, send that same child to a private college AND graduate school…AND manage to work 60 hours a week for over a decade?! That amazing woman is still working herself to death because she cannot afford to retire, which breaks my heart. I promise to provide for her in every way I possibly can – as she has for me – for the rest of our days. We may be separated by distance, but I work every day to be able to make my way back to her and give her half of the joy, love, respect and wisdom she extended to me throughout my childhood and now…because, as she loves to say, we’re “all each other has!”

Posted by Renee.

super mom