Katie Spotz: American Adventurer

After 70 days alone at sea, Katie Spotz became the youngest person to row the Atlantic ocean solo at age 22. No stranger to overcoming challenges, Katie ran across the Mojave desert unsupported, cycled across America twice and is also the first person to swim the 325-mile Allegheny River. Katie Spotz was named a 2010 Glamour Woman of the Year. Throughout her adventures, Katie wasn’t just seeking to make history. She was also raising money for safe drinking water projects around the world, totaling over $275,000 in funding.

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Katie Spotz visits water projects in Kisii, Kenya. This is a location that she raised money for during her row across the ocean.
Katie Spotz finishes her 70 day row across the Atlantic ocean.
Katie Spotz trains for the Ironman race with her Ironman Foundation team in Boulder, CO.
Katie Spotz trains for her 26.2 mile run as part of the Ironman race.
Katie Spotz swims the final stretch of her trek along the Allegheny River.

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