Face Masks: Frequently Asked Questions

Do they kits include elastic?

No. We will not be providing elastic. Our recommended patterns include directions for how to make ties out of fabric.

Do I have to follow the pattern?

Our fabric will be pre-cut into 8”x11” pieces so that you can easily use our recommended pattern, directions, and tutorial video.

Can I keep these masks for myself once they are sewn?

No. We ask that any masks that you make using our free kits get donated to one of our approved hospital locations or back to us to be distributed to approved sites.

What if I need someone to pick up my completed masks for me?

You will receive an email with information after you fill out our form. This email will include a Google Form where you can let us know when your masks are complete so that a team member can come pick them up for you.

I don’t live near Cleveland. How can I help?

Many hospitals around the country and abroad are asking for face mask donations. See how you can get started by checking out our “ Sew Face Masks at Home” Action Plan, that will walk you through how to get started.  

Do the kits include thread?

No, the kits do not include thread.

Can I request additional kits once I have completed my first set?

Yes, absolutely! Simply follow the process of requesting fabric through the request form like you did the first time.

Do I have to drop completed masks back off at because I said I would’s offices?

No, we have a list of locations that you can find here: https://becauseisaidiwould.org/dropofflocations/. We recommend dropping them off at the convenient location of your choosing. Please fill out this form to let us know where your masks went and how many you were able to complete: FACE MASK REPORTING FORM