“I found the courage to leave and not go back”

She messaged us last night through Facebook

“I got married young and spent 11 years in an abusive marriage. 2 years ago I found the courage to leave and not go back. About 6 months after I left, my 11 year old daughter watched in horror as her father tried to run me down in the parking lot of my work. Since this time I have been struggling financially to support myself and my daughter. I recently paid off some debts, which freed up some money that will allow me to return to school next term, but left me nothing to spend on Christmas. My daughter, who just turned 13 yesterday is very understanding of this as well as supportive of me returning to school, however she did voice concern that we won’t be able to spend much time together as I plan on working full time while I am in school.
This promise is my Christmas gift to her, inside the box are 26 dated cards (2 a month, with 2 bonus cards for mini vacations) each card promises an exclusive mommy/daughter day. There are baking days, mani-pedi days, Ice skating, coasting, trips to the museum and zoo, movie dates and make a Pinterest craft days.”

Lisa's gift to her daughter