A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

In 2013, Alex Sheen, Founder of Because I said I would, made a 52 part New Year’s resolution. He made a mistake though… he should have called it a promise. Too often so called “resolutions” just become a joke by the time March rolls around. For him, this was serious commitment. This video is about his experiences as he fulfilled his 52 promises.

Message from Alex:
“Thank you to all of my supporters throughout 2013! The 52 promise project proved to be an incredible experience. Join me in 2014 with your New Year’s promise. It doesn’t have to be 52. It can be one. Just don’t let it become the punch line to a joke. Don’t treat it like everyone treat’s their “resolution.” Call it a promise. Post it to social media. Hold yourself accountable. Do not let life pass you by.   -Alex”