“My family was waiting for me at the finish line when the bombs went off…”

“I watched your Ted talk a couple months before the Boston Marathon, as if I wasn’t inspired enough, your talk took it to a new level! In 2013 I was stopped 0.6 miles from the finish line due to the explosions. My family was waiting for me at the finish line when the bombs went off and luckily made it to safety although it was hours before we reunited. I ran to raise money for Children’s Hospital Boston, and with the help of my family have raised $10,000 over the last two years! Anyway, nothing was going to stop me from finishing my race in 2014. It has been my dream to run the Boston Marathon and that dream was stolen last year. I made a ‘Because I Said I Would’ running shirt to wear in the race, with my family and girlfriends name and a Boston heart on the back. The crowd on Monday went crazy over my shirt. They yelled how they loved the phrase and the shirt. From mile 1 to the finish they said “Your sticking to your word!” “You said you were and you’re doing it!” And as I neared the end I was feeling awful. Everything hurt and I was running a bad race. As limped closer to the finish line the crowd yelled out to me “You said you would and you’re almost there! C’mon!” That inspiration with the thoughts of my family and the tragedy last year gave me the strength I needed to finish my race. It was my worst time, most painful race, but I would never trade that day for anything. Thank you for your inspiration, here are some pictures from the race.”Bobby ran the Boston Marathon
The back of Bobby's shirt
Bobby running the 2014 Boston Marathon

Good work, Bobby. We are proud to have you wear the name!”Share” to show your support for Bobby and funds that he raised!

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