November 2016 Worldwide Newsletter

50 reasons

November Newsletter                                  
  because I said I would.

How are you going to give thanks?


 Kelley decided to write a new promise card everyday. Here’s one of them. 

Post one of your 50 on Facebook.

Our Cleveland and Tampa Chapter members wrote personal “Thank You” letters
 and mailed them out as a s
mall Unified Promise in November. Our next Unified Promise will be more charitable in the community, but sometimes we still need to set
a little time aside to thank the people who have been there for us.


What do chapters do_
We encourage you to take Thanksgiving literally. According to Harvard Medical School, g
ratitude has many health benefits. Read their article for some tips on how to cultivate gratitude, then make a promise 🙂



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School Assemblies

A message from a student.

“Thank you for everything you have done. Because of you I’m still alive today. A week before you came to my high school. I tried to commit suicide. I still have the note. In fact I kept it thinking it would help me or maybe one day I would actually need it because someone would miss me. When you came and spoke at my school I was majorly depressed. Not wanting to live anymore. But listening to you talk made me realize I’m strong and that I could do it. That day I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t commit suicide. That I would die of a natural cause and because of that I’m still here today. I am a rape victim, I’ve suffered from abuse my whole life from mental to physical. I’ve never lived in a house for more than six months. I had no hope left inside me. But when I heard your story I was inspired. I still struggle and I still have hard days but I can’t leave this world. Who knows what I will do in the future or If I will have an impact on another persons life. You had an impact on mine. And because of that I’m still alive today.”

 – Hannah

This message was sent to us after a
because I said I would school assembly. Character Education in schools matter. It helps students build the resilience and self-control needed to face the unfortunate challenges of life.
Learn more about what we are doing:

New Local Chapters

Akron, OH – Columbus, OH – Long Island, NY

We made a promise to start 6 local Chapters of
because I said I would in 2016. Our final three chapters for the year will launch in:
If you know anyone in these cities, please invite them to join our chapters!


Career Opportunity

Open Position: Vice President of Chapters

Reporting to the Founder, the VP of Chapters will play a critical role in establishing, marketing, implementing and maintaining the organization’s vision for social impact through our Chapter program. This VP will oversee the coordination and administration of all aspects of the Chapter program. This includes planning, organizing, leading and controlling program activities.