December 2017 Worldwide Newsletter

New Year’s Promises on National Television, January 1st

December Newsletter                                  
   because I said I would.

A phone call that could change it all…
On December 12th we received a phone call from a producer expressing interest in doing an interview with Megyn Kelly TODAY, the third hour of NBC’s nationally syndicated Today show. A film crew was sent out to our headquarters and one of our high school chapters. I was also asked to do an in-studio interview with Megyn Kelly.
The because I said I would message will be shared on Megyn Kelly TODAY on this coming Monday, January 1st.
Tune in to see what the audience does! 
How to watch: 
Your local NBC channel
January 1st, New Year’s Day
Time: The show is 9:00am – 10:00am in your respective time zone.
Our segment is somewhere between 9:10 and 9:40am.
Audience: 2.7 million viewers per episode

Learn more about because I said I would

Our team has been preparing for the ramifications of this segment. 2.7 million people will hear about because I said I would in the same moment. How many viewers will request promise cards? How many will visit the website?
This is a chance for our organization to take the next step, but we have to be ready. We have…
  • Increased our promise card inventory by 500,000 to prepare for a wave of requests
  • Organized volunteer parties to count, label and pack promise card mailings
  • Strengthened web servers by 10 fold to handle over 80,000 visitors at the same time
  • Updated information on our website to be more accurate and easier to find
We are ready for this opportunity, not because of our preparations in the past 15 days, but because of the hard work of our staff and volunteers over the past five years. We are ready because of the generosity of our donors since the very beginning. Because I said I would has started adult chapters, high school chapters, character education programming and so much more.
Abraham Lincoln once said, “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”  This quote resonates deeply with our movement. We have gone viral before and lost incredible opportunities because we didn’t have enough resources at that time. I am not prepared to live with that regret again. Shake the hands of the students who support us, read their promise cards and look them in the eye. Then you will understand why we must succeed. 

A promise card from one of our supporters

Thank you to everyone who has helped us become what we are today.
Best regards,
Founder of
because I said I would.

Pre-Order the Book

Five years in the making…


8.42 million Promise Cards have been distributed to over 153 countries. 
After 5
 years, we have decided to take the message to print. In late 2018, 
because I said I would 
will release our first ever book. 
Pre-order before January 31st and receive a pre-release draft copy of a single story in the mail signed by Alex Sheen, author and Founder of
because I said I would PLUS get 25% off and other perks!



Unified Promise Summary 


Because I said I would Denver teamed up with the Ronald McDonald House to help families with sick children by serving a home cooked meal.



It is hard to live with any type of normalcy when your child is ill. The stress of being away from home, and dealing with tests and treatments, makes everyday life difficult. While these families are coping with having a sick child, we surprised them with warm, comfort food and some smiles! Plus, our chili dinner had a fun, tailgating theme for the football season!


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We are hiring

Employment Opportunities 

We have four full-time
career positions open at
because I said I would right now. If
you’re ready to move to Cleveland, Ohio, let us know…
You can see the profiles of our current staff
Oh, and we also put
our cats and dogs
on our website because try to stop us.