Pets of because I said I would.

Our pets are our family. They bring us joy, hope, and show us how to love. The staff of because I said I would would like to recognize our wonderful pets and thank them for being there for us as we change the world.

Kimchi Sheen

Dad: Alex Sheen, Founder

Our office dog, Kimchi, is the daughter of our Founder, Alex Sheen. She loves to visit our rooms throughout the day for progress updates and official petting time. Kimchi spends her afternoons snoring on the office couch and dreaming of a world where everyone loved their fellow humans as much as they loved their pets. Kimchi is 13 years old, diabetic and a cancer survivor. In her spare time, Kimchi enjoys snoozing, giving kisses, bringing each of us toys and cuddling.

Moo Perez

Mom: Cassie Perez, Senior Chapter Relationship Manager

My name is Moo and I am 7 years old. My mom rescued me as a young kitten after finding me outside with my brother Milo, who now lives with my grandma. I love being the only child in our house as I do not get along with many other animals.I love sunbathing in the window, and playing with my toy mice ( affectionately called mousies). Sleeping all day and watching birds in the window is another one of my favorite pastimes. I love cuddling and getting spoiled with wet food and treats. Overall I am a happy, fat cat.

Leo and Tug Spatafore

Mom: Kay Spatafore, Chief Operating Officer and VP of Character Education

Leo is a kill shelter survivor. He is an outdoors enthusiast and loves to experience running, jumping, and the pursuit of a tennis ball. Leo is the founder of our neighborhood watch program, spending a great deal of each day making sure that everyone is aware of the mailman or other visitors to the neighborhood. In his spare time, this Jack Russell loves to watch TV (Dog Hotel is a fav) and spend time with his family. He is the epitome of lap dog.

Tug is the younger of the two adopted brothers and was referenced by the rescue as a Boston Terrier Mix, which seems to be fairly distant on the family tree. Tug is playful, kind and loves any toy with a squeaker. He is passionate about annoying his big brother and treats. Both of these boys are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and making the world a better place one tail wag at a time.

Skye Madigan

Mom: Anne Madigan, Senior Director of Speaking Engagements

I’m Skye, and no one knows my real age (a lady never shares that information!) My original mom passed away, but my new mom is pretty cool. She feeds me on time which I appreciate. I love being an only cat. I get to have things just the way I like them. When the weather is warm I enjoy napping in the screened in porch. I get to see what is going on, but I’m safe inside. Did I mention I’m an indoor cat? I don’t like to be outside where there are loud noises and dogs. Napping in the sun is my favorite activity and best skill. I’m pretty serious most of the time but enjoy being petted or brushed until I am ready to move on.

Roxanne Amor Bermudez

Mom: Heidi Bermudez – Martin, Executive Assistant to the Founder

Roxanne who affectionately goes by Roxy or Ruzzy fills her mother’s heart with so much love. Her middle name means love in Spanish and she certainly lives up to that name. She has been a loving and important part of Heidi’s family for 14 years now.

She can always be found cuddling under her blanket while sitting on her mommy’s lap. Roxy loves to play with all her toys and getting dressed up in her beautiful outfits. She may only weigh 5lbs but she is one tough little cookie.

Bailey Zauner

Mom: Kenzie Zauner, Logistics and Administrative Assistant

Bailey is a pit mix and is five years old. Being absolutely spoiled, Bailey deserves it all and is the sweetest girl ever. She loves going on walks, playing with her toys (she loves Barkbox’s), pup cups from Starbucks, and snuggling. Her only downfall is being terrified of people and barking at them (which is slowly improving). Once Bailey gets to know you, she will give you so many kisses and the best snuggles ever. She is the light of the family and Kenzie and her parent’s best friend.

Zero and Tia Blair

Mom:Samantha Blair, Corrections Program Manager

Zero is a Shiba Inu mix and Tia is a German Shepherd mix. Zero is small but mighty, he holds his own when playing with his sister, and takes on all guard dog responsibilities at home. Tia’s personal goal in life is to spread as much love to as many people as she can, and she definitely does not see her size as a barrier to becoming the world’s best lap dog. Their favorite pass time is playing tug of war, and finding the muddiest areas in the back yard to play in.

Rocko and Sophie Gravo

Dad: Dan Gravo, VP Fundraising and Development

Rocko is 2 years old and was rescued from a shelter in December 2021.  He is happy to be with his new family.  He enjoys cuddling, sleeping, and staring out the window.  While he loves his new humans, he is still adjusting to having a big sister who is a dog.

Odin Brixie

Dad: Steve Brixie II, Fulfillment Manager

Odin will be 3 years old in October 2022. He is a husky, German Shepard, and Pitbull mix. He enjoys running around the house wildly, long walks and hikes, playing with his human sisters and swimming!






Andy North

Dad: Jeffrey North, Camps and Retreat Director

Andy was found wandering the streets of Upper Sandusky and was rescued by a friend. She took “Little Orphan Anne” to the vet and had a full check up and asked if I wanted to give her a home. Before she came to her new home, she was scheduled to get spayed. When it came time to pick her up the next day, the receptionist at the clinic proceeded to tell my friend that Anne was Little Orphan Andy, a neutered male. The name stuck!

Andy lives his best life at camp and enjoys the outdoors, all-nighters and sleeping in range of the wood stove. His purr-fect spot is 4 feet away and completely in the middle of the floor. He does not suffer fools or canines. He will return to the house when his name is called and will often take the second porch chair with me to share a quiet moment.

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