Pets of because I said I would.

Our pets are our family. They bring us joy, hope, and show us how to love. The staff of because I said I would would like to recognize our wonderful pets and thank them for being there for us as we change the world.

Kimchi Sheen

Dad: Alex Sheen, Founder

Our office dog, Kimchi, is the daughter of our Founder, Alex Sheen. She loves to visit our rooms throughout the day for progress updates and official petting time. Kimchi spends her afternoons snoring on the office couch and dreaming of a world where everyone loved their fellow humans as much as they loved their pets. Kimchi is 13 years old, diabetic and a cancer survivor. In her spare time, Kimchi enjoys snoozing, giving kisses, bringing each of us toys and cuddling.

Moo, Luna and Nova Perez

Mom: Cassie Perez, Senior Program Impact Manager

Moo, Luna, and Nova are all rescue cats that Cassie adopted throughout the last 12 years. Moo is the oldest at 13 years old, with Luna as the middle child at 7 years old, and Nova as the baby at 1 years old. All three are black and white and are often mistaken for one another due to their resemblance. Together the trio enjoys lounging on their cat tree in the window, playing with their plethora of toys, eating cat treats, and sleeping in while Mom works. While Moo very much enjoyed being an only child for years, she has warmed up to her sisters whom Cassie lovingly refers to as the Whisker Sisters.

Leo and Tug Spatafore

Mom: Kay Spatafore, Chief Operating Officer and VP of Character Education

Leo is a kill shelter survivor. He is an outdoors enthusiast and loves to experience running, jumping, and the pursuit of a tennis ball. Leo is the founder of our neighborhood watch program, spending a great deal of each day making sure that everyone is aware of the mailman or other visitors to the neighborhood. In his spare time, this Jack Russell loves to watch TV (Dog Hotel is a fav) and spend time with his family. He is the epitome of lap dog.

Tug is the younger of the two adopted brothers and was referenced by the rescue as a Boston Terrier Mix, which seems to be fairly distant on the family tree. Tug is playful, kind and loves any toy with a squeaker. He is passionate about annoying his big brother and treats. Both of these boys are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and making the world a better place one tail wag at a time.

Ginger and Alice Neorr

Mom: Robin Neorr, Fundraising and Development Coordinator

Ginger is a seven-year-old Fox Red Lab who loves the outdoors. Her favorite activity is hiking in the Metroparks alongside her best friend Otto, the Australian Cattle Dog. Ginger’s other pastimes include sprinting around the backyard to release all her zoomies, playing fetch with her favorite stuffed animals, and sneaking onto the couch when no one is looking. Ginger is famous for sporting her pink muzzle outdoors, not due to any meanness but she loves to eat rocks. Unfortunately, this habit has led to four emergency surgeries to remove these rocks from her stomach.

Alice, the most amazing cat ever, is a rescue from the west side of Cleveland. Malnourished with BB gun bullets in her belly, Kamms Cat Guardians nursed her back to health, and we were fortunate to adopt her in March 2020. My oldest child often jokes that it took a pandemic to finally get her a cat.

Pasha Joy aka “PJ” aka “Captain Underbite”

Mom: Elise Tuck, Director of Human Resources

PJ is a wildly energetic Shih Tzu who thinks everyone he meets is his new BFF…he knows no strangers. He loves to romp in the mountains and pretend he is an ewok living amongst the trees. He is a connoisseur of pizza toppings including pepperoni and would eat until he passes out if he could…. including non-edible treats like buttons from cardigans. He loves long walks and snuggling with his stuffed pet fox. 




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