April 2017 Worldwide Newsletter

The because I said I would Book

April Newsletter                                      
   because I said I would.

because I said I would:
The Book
This movement was built from the incredible promises of our supporters and the stories they have shared. As
because I said I would has grown, many have suggested that we write a book.
For years we neglected this incredible opportunity for a simple reason: We wanted to first build a program for local chapters of
because I said I would. We wanted readers to finish the book and be able to join or start an effort to better the world around them. After all, we
are not here for emotional entertainment. Our mission is to better humanity through 
promises made and kept. We need to provide actionable ways to do that.

Our local chapters launched in May
of 2016. We have been working diligently to improve and prepare this program. When our book is released, we hope that it will inspire thousands around the world to apply to start a because I said I would chapter.
An advanced reader copy of the because I said I would book will be finished on or before December 31st, 2017. That is a promise. It will be a collection of supporters’ promise stories, along with perspective on commitment and how to get better at keeping promises.How has a promise made, kept or broken affected your life? Many of the promise stories have already been selected, but we have reserved room in the book for stories that may still be out there.  If you would like your story to be considered for the book, please submit your story as soon as reasonable through this page:

Thank you to everyone who has helped because I said I would make an impact on the world. Over 6.6 million promise cards have been distributed to over 150 countries. I believe we are just getting started.


Best regards,


Alex Sheen, Founder
because I said I would.

Chapter Impact

Unified Promises Across America


When we promise to come together and help others in need, we call it a Unified Promise. Our local chapters of
because I said I would fulfill Unified Promises each month. Check out some of our recent charitable projects:

Character Education

13,980 Students

In the last 92 days, we have held live character education assemblies with over 10,000 students. 
We also offer free online character education resources. Check out our
Character Education page.
We are interested in expanding our assembly program in our chapter cities: Long Island – NY, Denver-CO, Cleveland -OH, Columbus- OH and Akron, OH. If you know a school in one of these cities that are interested in having a
because I said I would assembly, please let us know.

Career Opportunities

Director of Recruitment, HR

The Director of Recruitment, HR will dedicate most of their working time to the development of recruitment processes and the implementation of recruitment innovations to fill volunteer, board member and staff vacancies. The right candidate will have experience in using social media, professional networking, events and other creative means to find great talent that is interested in helping people in need. Secondary responsibilities include developing HR policies and coordinating HR activities, such as benefits, training, and other duties.


Motion Graphics Designer

Reporting directly to the Founder, the Motion Graphic Designer is responsible for the creation of high-quality 2D animation and film that clearly communicate stories and educational content. The right candidate will have strong experience in communicating through effectively graphic design, including infographics, icons, logos, charts and other print work as well. Experience with shooting with DSLRs, using lighting, selecting lens’ and other factors in live filming is also a requirement of the position.

Learn more about this Motion Graphics position