May 2022 Worldwide Newsletter

Think of Others on the Road

With Distracted Driver Awareness Month in the rearview mirror, and Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month underway, we share this message from Selena.

Selena lost her beloved, Damion in a motorcycle crash and has promised to advocate for the safety of others and raise awareness.

Promise Card “I promise to always advocate for motorcyclists and their safety.

This is her Promise Story »

Alex Goes to Prison

On April 1st, Alex delivered his keynote speech about the importance of a promise to residents and rehabilitation staff at the Richland Correctional Institute.

Because I said I would Founder, Alex Sheen, speaking to residents at Richland Correctional Institution.His use of storytelling and humor to address subjects like HONESTY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and SELF CONTROL kept them engaged. The message was reinforced with the distribution of Promise Cards to all attendees and a call to action. Several in the audience became visibly emotional. Others stayed behind to speak with Alex personally.

Because I said I would runs character development programming at Richland Correctional Institution.When Alex committed to visiting the facility again, one resident (determined not to be taken for a fool that April Fool’s Day) asked Alex to put it in writing. He did. That resident held that card until Alex earned it back with his return.

True to his promise, Alex returned to Richland on April 29th, 2022.In a follow-up call with a facility administrator, we learned that since Alex’s first visit several residents had written Promise Cards, including one that would be given to a visiting child.

We also received this message:

“On 4/29/21, the gentleman did a seminar at Richland Correctional Facility. That has touched my boyfriend so much that I want to promise my energy to making the positive attitude continue.” 
If you are interested in having our message shared within the Corrections & Rehabilitation community, please contact samantha@becauseisaidiwould.orgClick here for more information.

“Two men looked out from prison bars, One saw the mud, the other saw stars.”

—Dale Carnegie