February 2020 Worldwide Newsletter

A promise I intend to keep…

“Maddie was one of the first girls in my sorority to take me under her wing and to show me that she would always be there for me. Whenever I needed a good laugh, a shoulder to cry on, or just some kind words of encouragement, Maddie was there. She has this incredible ability to light up any room or turn a frown upside down with her goofy personality and kind heart. However, when we all came back from winter break, Maddie had a rather serious message to share with us.

We received news that Maddie’s mom, Joanne Price (Welker), was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Maddie has done rather well in putting on a brave face considering her life had taken a turn for the worst. Maddie expressed to me that her mom will need to take time off from her three jobs for surgeries and chemotherapy treatments. As she does this, the medical bills are starting to pile up, and even through her mother’s positivity, it is still taking a toll on her as it would with anybody. In response, Maddie’s family has started a gofundme to take some of the financial burdens away, and this is when I picked up a promise card. On it, I wrote: “I am going to donate everything I make from my job this quarter to the gofundme to help Maddie and her family in any way that I can.”

I work for the athletic event staff at my school, and I only make $13.00 an hour, but I pick up a few extra shifts each week to get as much money as I can. So far I have made $590.00 and I hope to make up to a $1,000 by the end of the quarter. It isn’t easy to work so much on top of school, but it was a promise I made and a promise I intend to keep.”

-Sophie,  because I said I would  supporter in Santa Barbara, California.

“Sacrifice” is one of the seven principles in  because I said I would’s  Code of Honor.  Sophie’s promise embodies this definition…

Sacrifice: It is an unfortunate reality that the betterment of humanity requires sacrifice. Voluntarily giving away what we cherish, even if for a greater cause, is difficult. I accept that life is not easy. Decisions must be made, and so sacrifices as well.

Our character development programs are working to build a generation of citizens with strong character. The noble scientist. The caring teacher. The loyal friend. People who are ready and willing to do what is right in times of need. Sophie, thank you for believing in the importance of a promise.

Habits & Tactics

Time Management: How to Master the Most Valuable Resource
Time management is critical to keeping promises. A person of their word keeps their priorities in order, prevents overlapping commitments and shows up on time. This video includes 3 TIPS that could help you reach your goal and keep your promise.

Support the Cause

Students seek support for their volunteer projects

Our volunteer projects change lives by keeping promises to people affected by pressing issues in their communities. For example, the because I said I would chapter at Smithson Valley High School recently made 48 sobriety support packs containing hygiene products, hand-written motivational notes and Promise Cards. The support packs were distributed to teens, young adults and families working to overcome the effects of substance abuse. Each of our high school chapters complete four service learning, volunteer projects like this one each school year.

Help us continue to tackle these social problems by donating today. The students need funding for materials and supplies for their volunteer projects. As we continue to expand our number of high school chapters we need your support.

Our Goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of March and the kids would love to have your support. Donate here

“Volunteering can be awkward and uncomfortable but getting to do it with our because I said I would Chapter really changed my perspective and made me want to go out and volunteer even more.”

– Student Chapter Leader from Smithson Valley High School

Essay Contest

What has been the most impactful promise in your life?

As we expand our Chapter programs in high schools in the United States and Panama, we have heard stories from our students that have the capability of inspiring so many others. We have created an essay contest for high school students to encourage positive reflection on the importance of a promise.

Essay submissions can be about a promise made, kept or even broken. It can be a promise you made, a promise made to you or even a commitment outside of your life that has still had an impact on you. To learn more about the context guidelines visit our Essay Contest page.

1st place : $250
2nd place: $50
3rd place : a because I said I would sweatshirt, wristband and journal

Entries must be submitted no later than midnight on Friday, March 13th, 2020.