Smithson Valley High School

Smithson Valley High school is home to one of our because I said I would High School Chapters. Our high school Chapters teach students the importance of a promise, while providing unique personal development workshops to students. Members also make a promise to volunteer together, and each Chapter plans and hosts four volunteer projects a year. Together their student leadership team and Chapter Advisors, help bring the mission of because I said I would to their school & community. See more info on their leaders, projects and more below!

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Volunteering as a Chapter.

Together as a Chapter we are working to host volunteer projects to better our school and community. Each project will address a different issue, and have a different impact. See a recap of our completed volunteer projects below.

Smithson Valley High School students created 24 chemo care kits to benefit patients in treatment at the Texas Oncology Center in San Antonio. Thirty students participated assembling the kits with items like lip balm, scarves, and activity books to help them feel more comfortable while in chemotherapy sessions. Students also hand painted each bag to add a personalized touch to them. Afterwards, 15 students were motivated by the project to run in the Relay for Life event in their county to raise money that benefits cancer research.

Twenty-nine students recognized their custodial staff within their school. Students gathered to create posters shouting-out their appreciation. In addition, they provided a ‘snack break’ break room for both AM and PM janitors, complete with salty snacks, sweet treats, and sodas for all their custodians who deserve a much-needed break. SVHS informed us that Comal ISD is well-known in Texas as having a very high turnover rate with their custodial staff. This causes a constant short-staffing situation, which means a lot of custodians are overworked both in their duties and in the hours they work. .

Chapter Leadership Team

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Chapter Leader: Cassidy E.

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Promise Stories from Chapter Members

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