Career Placement Council

What is the mission?

The purpose of the Career Placement Advisory Council is to help because I said I would design and improve career placement methods through its charitable programs and the populations it serves.  

What is the committee’s format?

The Career Placement Advisory Council consists of 3 to 5 members who represent different disciplines in the field of career placement. This council of professional volunteers offers expert advice to the because I said I would staff and its board members. Council members will also have the opportunity to network with other professionals and stay up-to-date on current trends in the field of career placement. 

What does this position look like?

Position Summary: Attends all scheduled because I said I would Career Placement Advisory Council meetings. Reviews meeting agenda and materials provided via email prior to the meeting time. Participates actively in meetings and answers questions posed by because I said I would team members present in meetings. Provides feedback regarding best career readiness and placement methods to because I said I would team members. Examples of roles of the professional volunteers on this committee include:

  • Career counselors
  • College professors
  • Directors of career services 
  • Life coaches

Time Commitment: One meeting each month for 6 months. One hour of offline work per month. 

Compensation: This is a professional volunteer position and we would greatly appreciate your time and effort. As a thank you, volunteers will receive because I said I would merchandise, including a t-shirt, bracelet, 10 promise cards, and a copy of our book, because I said I would  by Alex Sheen.