November 2021 Worldwide Newsletter

3 Thanksgiving Activities

Is Thanksgiving just an excuse to get together and eat? Or, do you take it literally? If you use this day for gratitude and appreciation, we have a few activity ideas that could be useful at your Thanksgiving gathering.

What are you thankful for? Make a promise toward to a related cause. If you’re thankful for your family, what’s a promise you can make to a family member who has supported you? If you’re thankful for your home, can you commit to helping someone who doesn’t have one? Ask your loved ones to make commitments to better the world by following these six steps.
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Challenge everyone at your Thanksgiving gathering to come together and make one unified promise to volunteer at a nonprofit of their choice for at least 2 hours before the new year.
Unified Promise »

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with friends, family, or both, here are some questions that are sure to encourage meaningful conversation around the dinner table.
Dinner Conversation Starters »Please consider taking COVID safety precautions at your Thanksgiving gathering. Here are some tips from the CDC.


#GivingTuesday Fundraiser for Promise Cards

We spend an average of $23,882 each year sending Promise Cards for free to people who request them.

You’ve seen their promises. You know how important these commitments are. We can’t stop now. We’ve set a goal to raise $23,882 to cover the cost of materials and postage in 2022. Please help us share this video about our Promise Cards Facebook Fundraiser and consider making a donation today. Your $25 gift covers the cost of 20 Promise Card mailings!
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Promise Story

“I think it’s finally time…”

Why Isabella carries her father’s Promise Card everywhere…

“Your Promise Cards helped my dad throughout his cancer treatment and until his last day. I remember him telling me about them, I also remember how he carried his in the back of his clear phone case in order to see it every day. He had a promise to call his parents and his siblings more often, and he had a blank one, which I now carry everywhere I go.”

Isabella“I’ve been trying to live by this idea of promises, that I can keep to myself and to others. The promise to do my best every day, to find the things I’m grateful about, etc. But, going through these difficult times, I struggle to stay true to this idea, because I find it difficult to keep even the simplest of promises to myself. I even tattooed the phrase “because I said I would” just after my dad passed so I could be true to his reminder to keep my promises. I haven’t necessarily been successful yet.”

“It’s been two years since my dad died and I think it’s finally time for me to live the life he would’ve hoped I had. It’s time for me to fill this empty card I have been carrying around and change the way I go about living my life. I want to feel like I can be truly happy again and also share this happiness with others. I want to make my dad and myself proud.”

“Thank you to you and your organization for helping me in more ways than you could imagine. Without this simple message, I wouldn’t have realized that my life needed to change.”

– Isabella

Thank you to our donors who make this program available at no cost to those who are fighting to keep their promises to better themselves, their families and their communities.
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Program Update

Promises from Students

1439 chapter members at Olentangy High School in Columbus, Ohio attended a new workshop focused on self-control.

The students increased their self-awareness by learning about over precision and confirmation bias. These perspectives help individuals assess unnecessary risks and discover areas for self improvement.

IsabellaAdditionally, a group of our chapter members decided to make a promise to local hospital workers who are fighting the good fight against COVID in their area. They wrote over 50 thank you letters for these local heroes.

If you would like to start a High School Chapter of because I said I would, email us today at or visit
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