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   because I said I would.

Her name is Brooklin.


“I want these promise cards because I battle depression and contemplate suicide most nights. I thought I could never be loved and never find anyone who would ever be willing to put up with me and my depression but I have. My boyfriend is the strongest person I know and helps me through everything. I would like these promise cards because I can now promise him in writing that I will not kill myself and I will not self harm. Every time I come to him with one of my episodes he does not condemn me because of my condition instead he tells me “hey look it’s OK. There’s no reason to feel bad for something you can’t control” when I want to cut or kill myself he says to me “go grab a paint brush and paint, don’t grab any type of scissors or anything else sharp. I couldn’t imagine a world without you.” My boyfriend will be graduating in May and I wanted to give him some of these with his gift. I think it is a very beautiful thing you’re doing here and I thank you for that. IF you actually see this and read this (if you can) could you write me back? I love getting letters in the mail. They give me something to read when I’m down and I can’t talk to my boyfriend. But thanks a million for what you’re doing.
This message, like so many others, was sent to us through a promise card request. Brooklin wrote this message a long time ago and received her cards. She’s not with that boyfriend anymore, but she told us this week, “Although I suffered for a while I’m doing much much better now. My depression isn’t a pressing matter any longer and my life is becoming much better and it feels a whole lot easier to breathe.”For our supporters fighting through suicidal thoughts, we hope that a promise to seek help and love can support you on a journey to better times. For supportive resources, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255 or visit their website at world is in need, and so you are needed.

New “How to” Video

The Courage of “No”: Defending Your Honor 

Video_ Learn about The Courage of _No_

To stand up for your principles, there will be moments where you will need the courage to say “No.”
To prevent overcommitment and broken promises, there will be moments where you will need the courage to say “No.”
Released today, our new video talks about social science related to courage and gives practical advice on how to get better at saying “No” when appropriate.

Chapters: Live Webinar

Interested in starting a chapter?

Learn more about starting a chapter in our live webinar

Register today for a live, informational webinar about our local chapters program. You will learn:
  • What chapters do
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  • The application process
There will also be time for Q&A! Our goal is to start at least 12 more chapters in 2017 and expand internationally.
Thursday, October 13th from 12-1PM OR 8-9PM (Eastern)

A Promise Story

“I stopped the excuses…” 

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for the last 12 years. I stopped the excuses, wrote it down and committed
ecause I said I would. I managed to raise $2,010 for childhood cancer research. Thank you for helping to inspire me to be better.

Posted by Ally to our Facebook page.

That promise is beautiful and so are you. 

Supporting the Cause

because I said I would
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Katie Spotz Speaks for because I said I would.

Watch Katie_s Bio Video

Watch the new video about Katie! She is the world’s youngest person to row a boat across the Atlantic Ocean. 70 days alone at sea.
Katie’s speaks on behalf of the movement at events and her engagement fees help push forward our charitable work.
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Career Opportunities

4 Full-Time, 2 Part-Time Positions Open

Because I said I would
is growing rapidly. If we are going to help change the course of human history for the better, then we are going to need to continue to build a strong team who is good at keeping promises. Check out the career opportunities below and share with those who might be qualified. Your referral could make a huge impact on our work!


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