November 2015 Worldwide Newsletter

We promised 52.

We promised 52.
Dear Supporters,,
Last year because I said I would launched a crowdfunding project that promised the creation of a 52-part YouTube video series about the promise stories of everyday individuals. We are proud to announce that our promise was fulfilled on Sunday. 
 All 52 videos are live right now on our YouTube channel. If you’re just getting started with the series, we encourage you to start with the following six videos that will connect with you…
…If you love your family through thick and thin:
…If you’re working on a fitness or health goal:
…If you understand people who fight for a cause: 
…If you know someone who is a bit too angry: 
…If you love animals: 
…If you think kids can be hilarious 
This video series has been used to teach the importance of a promise through schools, addiction treatment centers and other humanitarian nonprofits around the world. We will be releasing new video concepts in 2016, but we do have one coming out in December that may change your definition of courage… Stay tuned.
Alex Sheen, Founder

Promise Story


See the comments


This guy kept posting a new picture of a number written on a card. Then the posts just stopped. We were worried. Until #18 popped up on our feed. The number of months he’s been sober. Good job, Matt 🙂

While we each face our own unique challenges, we are united in the belief of the importance of a promise.



What’s your promise? Share your story with us.




1.) Update on two sisters searching for match


See the story of these two incredible sisters

Last month we shared a story about the two sisters who sold their cars and bought a van to tour the country in search of a bone marrow match for the youngest sister. To support these sisters and their promise, we organized an event to gather people to sign up for the National Bone Marrow Donor registry and campaigned online.
Here’s a message from Alex Kimura (the older sister) that we received today after the efforts:
“About 3,500 people signed up which is INCREDIBLE! It was the biggest week of our tour by far and people are still registering and reaching out to host events because of it. The long term impact of your post and event is going to be even bigger and I know many lives will be saved.”
The because I said I would staff would like to thank all of our supporters who signed up for the National Bone Marrow Donor registry! If you haven’t, sign up today through this link. You could be the hero.
If you missed this story from last month, check it out here: Also, follow the Kimura sisters on Facebook because they are awesome:


2.) For Veterans.


The cost of war is high. More American soldiers die of suicide than in combat itself. Our appreciation for their service is crucial and needed, but it does not heal the wounds of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

In honor of the sacrifices our veterans have endured, because I said I would donated $2,500 to the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust on Veteran’s Day. They help soldiers who struggle through mental health challenges and physical disability, including amputations. Their mission? “Fulfilling our promises to the men and women who served.” That sounds good to us.
Please note that 100% of our supporters’ donations stay inside the direct work of our nonprofit and it’s programs. This separate commitment of support for another nonprofit was made possible by the speaking engagement fees we earn.


3.) Graphic Designer position open.


We are on the hunt for an amazing Graphic Designer who wants to join our staff as a full-time employee at our Headquarters in the Cleveland area. Learn more about the position, tell a friend or apply today!


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