May 2016 Worldwide Newsletter

5 Time Management Pro Tips

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   because I said I would.

5 Time Management Pro Tips
Making promises is easy. Keeping them is another story. The calendar is one of the best tools to help manage and maintain commitments. It is even better than the Promise Card itself. Yes, we mean that. In
this brand new video from
because I said I would, we explain…

  1. How to use a calendar effectively
  2. Five tips that can help you keep your promises
  3. The life benefits of an accurate personal calendar


This is the first video
in a series of videos that will highlight practical and thought-provoking ideas in the world of promises. Emotions and motivation are simply not enough. If we want to truly better humanity and change the world, we must plan, prepare and act. We would love to hear your feedback about this new video style and approach. Post your comments to our
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A Promise Story

Woman breaks promise to donate kidney. 
_He could have had all that time back with his kids._

One of our supporters made a promise to donate her kidney to a dying man. She backed out at the last minute.


This is the story in her own words. It’s an incredibly moving reflection on the importance of a promise…and the story ends the way we hoped it would.



In honor of the fallen. 
100_ of the proceeds benefits Hope for the Warriors

Serving your country requires tremendous sacrifice. The oath of enlistment is a difficult promise to make and an even harder promise to keep.
In celebration of Memorial Day in the United States, we are fundraising on behalf of
Hope For The Warriors, a fellow nonprofit organization who provides comprehensive support programs for service members, veterans and military families.
Our movement hopes for peace, but until that day comes we must take care of those who serve. 100% of the proceeds from our online merchandise sales will be donated to Hope For The Warriors (May 26th through May 30th).
No promotional code required:


Exclusive: One-on-one with the Founder
Live personal call with Founder Alex Sheen

Enter for a chance to win a personal one-hour leadership training video call with Alex Sheen, the Founder of
because I said I would.

Alex is one of the world’s leading experts on promises and commitment. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ask him your questions directly.