August 2015 Worldwide Newsletter

5-year-old boy takes final dose

Featured Promise Story
“My 5-year-old boy just got done fighting leukemia. For now, he has won. Tons of people promised to help us with stuff but never did. I’ll never do that same thing to anybody.


The blue medication [right] was the most important one, it was his FINAL dose of medication during his treatment. We all watched it flow until it was empty, then we celebrated at 11:10 pm by toasting with bottles of Pepsi.”
Promises matter. A supporter named Jeremy shared this story with us. We hope only the best for Jeremy, his son and their family. 
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Stories & Announcements

1.) Major Announcement on 3rd anniversary…

Announcement coming Sept. 4th, 2015

“Friday, September 4th, 2015 will mark the third year anniversary of my father’s death and the beginning of this social movement. For years now, my team and I have been working behind the scenes to build the support for something we believe could change the world.

On September 4th, we will make the most significant announcement in the history of because I said I would. Please read your email that day and maybe wish us luck. I hope we can do this.”

Alex Sheen, Founder


2.) Heroin addict is brutally honest in video.


Erin is a recovering heroin addict who volunteered at our nonprofit. In this video she talks about what promises she can and can’t keep. It’s hard to hear, but we agree with her.

Her promise on film. Watch the video on YouTube:

3.) “To the person going through our trash…”

Read what she posted.

This lady posted a sign on the front door of the restaurant she owns because someone was going through her garbage.

What that sign says has a lot of people talking.