Taking the witness stand.

“On a rare occasion, someone will personally hand me a promise they have made. They ask me to hold on to it until the promise is kept. In all the promise cards I have ever held, I have never seen a promise quite like this. I told her that I would return the card to her should she honor her word. The court date was pushed back…but the promise was kept. The card was mailed back to the rightful owner.

The witness stand is a hard place to be for a rape victim. Your character is questioned. Implications are made. But at some moment…sitting in that chair, you remember that what has happened to you is over. It is now time to protect a stranger you will never meet. A person who will never feel your pain, because the person who would have hurt them is in prison now.

The girl who wrote this card has asked to remain nameless. That wish will be respected. I know she reads our Facebook page though. Maybe you can post a comment and show your support for her courage.

Sometimes doing the difficult thing…and doing the right thing… they are the same thing.”



Posted by Alex Sheen, Founder of because I said I would.