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Drunk strangers.

She stood outside of the bars holding this sign.

I know someone whose father was killed in a drunk driving crash. On the second anniversary of his passing, she wanted to honor his memory by offering a free ride home to strangers who have been drinking. I was just the driver.

She didn’t really say much.

People just read the sign. A lot of them said it was “too long; didn’t read” so they just laughed and walked along. They didn’t mean any harm by it. Those who actually read it often had questions.

Some people didn’t know what to say.

Also, that shirt.

The cops didn’t bother her. Just a head nod of approval.

The first person to take up the offer was 18.

A guy asked us to get his (very drunk) brother home. We didn’t know his age until we were already on the way. He lived with his parents in an extremely wealthy neighborhood about 25 minutes from the bar. Angela made sure he got into his house OK.

This guy’s hair should have its own social security number.

It does it’s own thing.
(second trip)

Some people just wanted to give her a hug.

If you’ve lost someone you love, you get it.

Carissa and Mike

These were our last passengers. Carissa’s family had been affected by addiction. She said that someone in her family could have easily killed someone while drunk driving and was lucky that they never did. Carissa actually attended a funeral that morning. We didn’t ask what happened. I think Mike was her boyfriend, but I never asked about that either.

Mike and Carissa at drop off.

Also, we got some street gyros at 3:30am.

I recorded the confession video of the man who killed Angela’s father.

That is how I know Angela. The drunk driver’s name was Matthew Cordle. He came to me as a stranger and asked me to help him. I didn’t know him or Angela before that, but I know them both now.

We gave some promise cards to passengers.

We asked them to make a promise to never drink and drive. I have to ask you to do the same.

Request promise cards, they are free:

Confession video:


UPDATE: This story was posted to Reddit through Imgur and received over 1 Million views in 24 hours.