May 2017 Worldwide Newsletter

For my wife

We received the message below from a supporter recently.
It is a promise story we think is worth reading.  

“So I was out in the garage today making a table and I asked my son what he wanted in the table. He gave me a card that he made for my wife a couple months ago. I attached a picture for you. It is a “because I said I would” card.

If you are not fluent in 6 year old it says “I will take care of mom”. My son made it for my wife. The part you don’t know is her uncle, and my friend was murdered brutally a couple of weeks ago. My wife was in a deep depression and was barely resembling the woman I knew. Her uncle was a great person and friend to me and more so to my wife.

I came home and saw a new card next to my card that I made for my kids and asked where it came from. Apparently my boy remembered what the card meant when I gave mine to him and made this for his mommy. I almost hit my knees.

He did what he promised and delivered hugs and kisses when she needed them the most and took care of mom. It was little things like that, that finally got mommy to come back to us.”

​Posted by Josh.

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Volunteer Opportunities
Because I said I would now has more options to volunteer than ever before! We have created a new Volunteer page with information that can connect you to these opportunities:

  • Attend a speaking engagement near you and volunteer at our table
  • Apply for new volunteer positions open at our Cleveland-area office
  • Volunteer through one of our five chapters

As the movement continues to grow, we want to find ways to get more people involved. We hope this updated page is a small step in the right direction.

Chapter Leader Spotlight: Rob Piscatelli
Get to know Long Island Chapter Leader: Rob Piscatelli
Thanks for everything you do Rob!
If you had to say, what has been one of your favorite/most memorable moments as Leader? 
I’d honestly have to say after every Unified Promise. I see the impact we make, and I get such gratification from making a difference.
VIDEO: because I said I would Chapters
We have just published a brand new “About Chapters” video. Do you agree with this message?

Watch it here:

If you’re interested in learning more about chapters, check out our website or register for our live informational webinar about chapters at

Building Bikes for Foster Kids

Foster care children move 1 to 2 times EACH YEAR. New school. New classes. Hopefully new friends. Each move makes it harder to graduate. Members of Because I said I would Columbus wanted to make life a little easier for kids struggling through these challenges. They made a promise to purchase and assemble new bikes for foster care kids. But that wasn’t enough. They put together a pizza party and surprised the kids with their new rides.

We deeply appreciate our Columbus chapter members, but we have to give a special thanks to Precious Singo. She is the only person on our Columbus Leadership Team. Precious would go alone if she had to.

Coming Soon!
Because I said I would Founder, Alex Sheen and Co-Founder, Amanda Messer both have new TED talks coming out soon! Alex’s talk focuses on the importance of volunteering. Amanda’s talk focuses on How to Handle Broken Promises.
Be on the lookout for links to these videos coming soon!
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