December 2015 Worldwide Newsletter

For some, this video will be unbelievable

Pay attention to the guy behind the table.
Dear Supporters,
The New Year brings hope to so many around the world. As you begin to set goals for 2016, watch this video and remember what it truly takes to achieve greatness.
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If you liked the video, please help us spread the message by sharing the link through social media! Thank you to Sung Beats for volunteering his time to help us create this message. We hope only the best for our supporters as we head into the New Year. Thank you for all of your support in 2015!
Best regards,
Alex Sheen, Founder

Have a New Year’s Resolution?

Top five tips: How to keep a promise in 2016

Nearly half of all Americans make a New Year’s Resolution each year. A study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology, University of Scranton, showed that only 8% of these people actually fulfill their commitment. Keeping promises can be hard.


We’ve come up with five tips that might make your promise easier to keep!


See our top five tips:



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