April 2015 Worldwide Newsletter

This video should be played in every school.

April 2015                                                    because I said I would.

This video should be played in every school.
I don’t mean to be overly dramatic with the subject line. I truly believe that this man’s five minute message has the potential to save children’s lives this summer. Sure, he’s a bit crazy for what he does, but what he says makes too much sense to me. You will have to judge for yourself…
Do you agree with him?
Best regards, 
Alex Sheen
Founder, because I said I would

Featured Stories & Announcements

1.) Our office was robbed.

Comment about the break-in on Facebook.

Someone has broken into the because I said I would headquarters. Computers, cameras, a phone and money were stolen from our office. The back door was pried open with a crowbar. 
The police conducted an investigation and learned that a security light was triggered at a neighboring business at 1:00am. As the officers continued their work, they found an interesting discovery. In between a wall and the fence in the back of our building they discovered a garbage bag that contained everything that was stolen from us except the money. 
Why did this person jam these belongings into this hidden spot? We don’t know. Perhaps they were alarmed by the security light. Perhaps they discovered that we were a nonprofit organization and had a change of conscious. 
We are just happy to have this equipment back. We have been saving to do a big charitable project and program and were afraid of the setbacks this robbery would have caused. Instead of thousands of dollars it was only a few hundred that were stolen. If the person who robbed us is reading this, thank you for not taking everything. We are sorry that hardships overcame you or greed drove you to this action; we are trying not to judge. Everyone makes mistakes.

2.) “Super Mom” Facebook post gets 12,000 likes, most ever.

Super Mom!

We have had many posts go viral on social media sites like Reddit, but we have never had a post with more Facebook likes than this picture.
But it’s not the picture… it’s this girl’s description that you need to see. Read what this supporter says about her mom and you will see why this post reached over 300,000 people in 8 days.


3.) These kids deserve a place to play.
See more pictures of the orphanage Because I said I would has promised to help build a playground at an orphanage in the Philippines. The orphanage is located in the city of Tacloban, which was decimated by a Super Typhoon 18 months ago and still has not fully recovered.


The children at this center have gone through unimaginable tragedy. Some of them were abandoned at hospitals after the natural disaster. Others have been turned over to the orphanage because they have been physically or sexually abused. These kids deserve a place to play and through your past support we have been able to save enough money to promise funding for the entire playground project. The children are so thankful!


Alex, our Founder, visited this orphanage personally while on a previously planned trip to the Philippines for a speaking engagement. Alex talked to the children about their promises. Click on the link below to see a pictures of the visit and the playground plans!

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