Donate Blood During COVID-19 Shortage

The Promise

I will donate blood during the Covid-19 Crisis.

Impact of the Promise

Every 2 seconds someone in the US needs blood. A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 pints of blood. Because blood can’t be manufactured, donors are relied upon to generously provide their blood to save lives. While the need for blood is always great, the urgency and need grows during times of crisis, including the Covid-19 pandemic. Blood donations have plummeted across the country as schools, offices, and other sites that typically host blood drives shut down to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Blood donations were down by 18,000 units from March 9 to March 13 at American Red Cross donation centers nationwide. Currently the Red Cross is reporting a severe blood shortage and needs donors urgently. They are following all protocols to ensure the 6 ft. social distancing parameters are met and are requiring appointments to maintain safety—so please know donating blood at these centers is a safe process (read more about this in our resource section). It is considered essential travel and is desperately needed. If you are an eligible and healthy donor, make the promise to donate blood now. Just the simple act of making time to do this will save lives.

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Action Items



  • Don’t donate blood if you feel sick– continue to self quarantine and wait to donate until you feel better!
  • Don’t do a walk in to donate blood, ensure you are scheduling an appointment once you have located a drive!


“What to Know about Coronavirus and Blood Donation”–covid-19–and-blood-donation.html “American Red Cross Faces Severe Blood Shortage As Coronavirus Threatens Availability of Nation’s Supply” 

Element of Honor


It is an unfortunate reality that the betterment of humanity requires sacrifice. Voluntarily giving away what we cherish, even if for a greater cause, is difficult. I accept that life is not easy. Decisions must be made, and so sacrifices as well.

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