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Chapter Member Spotlight: Bree

What originally drew you to because I said I would and made you want to join this group and movement?
The mission of the overall movement drove me to join the group because of so many broken promises I have experienced in my short life. I have always been one to say “when I make a promise I keep it” holding out my pinky whenever any one asked if I pinky swore. And I kept that promise.

What is it that makes you want to volunteer and be a part of because I said I would vs. other local nonprofits and charities?
Believing that humanity and compassion still exists in a world full of hate and crime. I am a firm believer that one person can change the course of history. If I can make one persons life a little bit easier, even by keeping a promise, I have lived my life fully.

If you had to say, what is your favorite part of our Chapter Meetups? What has been the most enjoyable Unified Promise you’ve attended?
My favorite party about chapter meetups are meeting other like-minded individuals from around the surrounding counties. Medwish was probably my favorite one that I have attended so far. I worked in a team alongside the Mayor of Rocky River and my best friend. That is when I truly witnessed the impact the movement made on my friend.

How has this organization/group made you better at keeping promises, either to yourself or others?
I wasn’t always the type who would go out and try new things. I remember I had volunteered a few times for my local foodbank, but social anxietygot the best of me. After experiencing some life changing events in summer 2015, I decided that was my chance to truly experience all that life had to offer and I recalled hearing about ‘Because I said I would’. I had already been a firm believer of promises. And the following year, I decided to pursue becoming a Big Sister as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Something I wanted to do 2 years earlier, but halted because I was weary.

What is an interesting/fun fact that most people would not know about you?
I cameo in a Cleveland MetroHealth Commercial for their ‘Change is Healthy’ Campaign. I was supposed to be a background extra, but ended up being front and center of a bowling competition where I had to fake 20 strikes until I finally was able to not look directly at the camera. Oh, and I also babysat four children for a few months when I was 15 who ended up being on the Super Nanny. I am still in touch with the mother. Now the kids are graduating high school!

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about the world, what would it be??
I would erase hate. I feel like everything in the world would be right.

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