Prozac may have a medical purpose but not for this…

Prozac may have a medical purpose, but it wasn’t intended for Sean to use as a pathway to sobriety. If he’d told the doctor the whole truth about his drinking problem then he probably wouldn’t have received the prescription. Sean knew he needed to stop drinking after experiencing terrible tremors, but the truth is, he was afraid he couldn’t beat the withdrawal symptoms on his own.

On a late evening in October 2017, Sean would try to endure his first night without alcohol in years. He sat down in front of the TV, took a handful of pills and the rest of the night would have to be explained to him by his wife…

“I ended up having a massive seizure in front of my nine-year-old boy. Luckily my wife was next door and my son went and got her.”

His promise is a daunting task for anyone who has struggled with alcohol addiction. Self-medication can be an attractive excuse to delay the real work sobriety takes. However, this coming October it will officially be one year since Sean has had a drink.

He is one year closer to forever.

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