Volunteer Projects & Individual Action Plans

75% of Americans Do Not Volunteer Even One Hour a Year: No One Can Do Everything, But Everyone Can Do Something

We want to inspire all citizens to be active participants in their communities and embrace a lifelong commitment to helping others through volunteerism.

Many feel called to make a difference in their community but find most opportunities don’t fit into their schedule. Some have an idea for a volunteer project but find it overwhelming to execute. Our Volunteer Projects & Individual Action Plans make it easy to volunteer. Each provides a step-by-step guide so that organizations, corporations, small businesses, schools, families, friend groups and individuals can execute independent volunteer projects that address specific problems in their local communities. 

High School Chapters use our Volunteer Project Plans to complete their service-learning requirements. Each project includes materials to track participation and create an impact report.

Volunteer Projects & Individual Action Plans  have been researched and verified with community partners and professional leaders in the field each project addresses.

“I was so moved by the personal testimonies of the two constituents that spoke of their journeys and their experiences that day (of the volunteer project).  Their courage of sharing their ordeal will help many people in the end. Personally, just being there made my day.  All that is good and true was happening that day”.


“During the birthday party, I had the opportunity to hold a baby so that her mom could participate in the party with her other children. This was a very special opportunity to connect with someone of a different background, but we are both moms.”


“My favorite volunteer project we have done this year was the Sobriety Support Packs. We were able to gather toiletries and other items for teens in our area who are dealing with substance abuse. What made the packs really special were the notes of encouragement each of us wrote and included. Writing these notes really made me feel the connection to the teens we were helping.” 

Student Leader from SVHS
Assembling Sobriety Support Packs

The benefits of volunteering include increased social awareness, building relationships, team building and leadership development.

Sometimes it’s hard for kids to appreciate what they have. Maybe that’s because of society or maybe that’s just part of the human condition. Nick and some of his classmates wanted to show veterans in their community that someone is still thankful for them. So, they made a promise to create care packages and deliver them to veterans. 

“When it came to finally passing out our care packages, my heart was deeply warmed by the gratuitous appreciation each and every veteran expressed for our care. I would go as far to say that this was a truly life changing event and one I hope to take part in more and more in the coming years.”


Your donation can help us identify societal needs and develop additional Volunteer Projects & Individual Action Plans to address those needs through increased volunteerism. $50 can support an Individual Action Plan. $500 can support a Volunteer Project for a High School Chapter.

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