Dunsmuir High School

Dunsmuir High School is located in Dunsmuir, California and is home to one of our High School Chapters.

Because I said I would High School Chapters use evidence-based curriculum and a focus on promise making to cultivate character development and social-emotional skills in students. Chapters provide character development to students through:

  • Interactive, bi-monthly Chapter Livestreams led by Founder Alex Sheen. Each session focuses on a different topic.
  • Monthly Promise planning and accountability sessions led by student leaders.
  • A series of Individual Action Plans for students to complete that help address issues brought on by COVID-19.

While our Chapter will continue to focus on character development and social-emotional learning, this year’s curriculum will highlight student’s own personal accountability during this pandemic, as well as ways to fortify their own emotional well being.

What Does a High School Chapter Do?

Our High School Chapters use a combination of character development and promise keeping to promote social-emotional learning in our students. See more details on our Chapter Program and structure.

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Chapter Member Resources

Students at Dunsmuir High School can learn more about upcoming Chapter events and how to be a part of their Chapter. Join us for our upcoming livestreams and promise accountability meetings.

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In previous years our Chapters performed large volunteer projects, but volunteering doesn’t have to be a group activity.  Our Chapter program will encourage students to take individual action to help their own community, neighbors and more.

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Each month, Chapter members meet at Dunsmuir High school to work on their promises and hold each other accountable. See some of the promises students make to better themselves and the world around them.

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