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In this program, offenders are presented with the chance to acquire new habits and strategies while developing a comprehension of concepts such as making and keeping promises, self-control, compassion, contemplation, sacrifice, hope, accountability, and honesty. They then apply these principles in engaging and impactful ways. Because I said I would offers 12 corrections workshops. These workshops provide corrections staff with captivating and dynamic resources, encompassing educational videos, interactive exercises, sessions on accountability, and suggestions for volunteer project

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Workshops are created around the 7 principles of because I said I would:

  • Compassion
  • Self-Control
  • Sacrifice
  • Honesty
  • Hope
  • Contemplation
  • Accountability

Character Development Workshops

Our Character Development Workshops are thoughtfully designed to be engaging and interactive, incorporating a mix of videos, podcasts, and articles. These sessions aim to impart valuable habits and tactics that participants can seamlessly integrate into their daily routines, thereby enhancing personal relationships and contributing positively to institutional culture. Central to these workshops are “promise stories,” setting the tone for candid conversations about choices, relationships, social awareness, and responsible decision-making.

Key Features:

  • Engaging Content: Video, podcasts, and articles make the lessons dynamic and participatory.
  • Habit Formation: Focus on habits and tactics applicable in daily life for sustained personal growth.
  • Prominent Role of Promise Stories: Real-life stories demonstrating character development in action.
  • Interactive Discussions: Participants are encouraged to engage in conversations about choices, relationships, and social awareness.

Provided Materials:

  • Comprehensive Video Content: Each lesson is accompanied by informative videos.
  • Resource Links: Direct access to additional resources for further exploration.
  • Worksheets and Guides: Practical materials, including worksheets and guides, enhance the learning experience.
  • Lesson Plans: Structured lesson plans guide both facilitators and participants through each session..

These workshops provide a holistic approach to character development, fostering a positive and growth-oriented mindset for participants.

Accountability Meetings

Monthly Individual Promises:

Every participant is afforded the opportunity each month to articulate an individual promise tailored to their life and the challenges they encounter. This process ensures that the promises made are relevant, personal, and reflective of individual circumstances.

Progress Tracking and Group Follow-up:

Participants engage in regular follow-up discussions within the group setting to track the progress of their past promises. This not only fosters individual accountability but also cultivates a sense of shared responsibility within the group.

Practical Application of Concepts:

Accountability meetings serve as a practical space for participants to put into practice the concepts introduced in other modules. It becomes an active arena for goal setting and the application of learned principles in real-life situations.

Building Support, Inclusion, and Empathy:

The group dynamic in accountability meetings facilitates the construction of a supportive and inclusive environment. Participants receive encouragement in their pursuits and develop empathy for others facing challenges.

Choice and Practice Opportunities:

Participants are empowered with the freedom of choice within these meetings. They can select and tailor their promises based on their personal growth objectives. This aspect of autonomy enhances the learning experience and encourages the active application of learned concepts.

In essence, Accountability Meetings are a multifaceted platform where individual growth, goal setting, and accountability converge, fostering a supportive community and providing practical outlets for the application of character development concepts.

Volunteer Projects

Engaging in volunteer work has proven benefits for mental health while also offering individuals the opportunity to make a positive impact by giving back to the community. Within our correctional chapters, we strongly advocate for facilities to actively participate in volunteer projects whenever feasible. These projects, whether on a large or small scale, serve as meaningful experiences that demonstrate to participants the profound impact of contributing to others. We actively support this initiative by providing ideas and assistance in planning to ensure that these volunteer efforts are not only impactful for the recipients but also contribute to the personal growth and rehabilitation of those involved.

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