Jennifer won’t be stopped.

It’s not easy being the odd one out. We often say this when we’re talking about children, but imagine being the only student in your 40’s trying to join a college student organization. You get a lot of looks. You don’t quite fit in. This is the story of Jennifer. We’re not talking about ultimate freebie or Spanish club. We are talking about joining a student organization that raises money for children who are in the hospital fighting for their lives. Jennifer knows what that means on a personal level. And not just because she has visited the children, but because she too has laid in a hospital bed. Jennifer has Multiple Sclerosis, an often disabling disease of the central nervous system. This disease can disrupt the flow of information between Jennifer’s body and her brain, but it will not disrupt her contribution to society. Her condition has forced her to leave school temporarily, but she vows to return. In the meantime, Jennifer continues her work as a volunteer for the kids. Sometimes there are battles in the world even more important than our own.

Jennifer is in the middle with glasses.

Jennifer’s promise card.