“I will find a way to make this work.”

make this work

The daily cost of promise card requests is outpacing donations and t-shirt sales. I have been receiving an average of over 400 card requests a day since Friday. At $0.75 per order, the growing costs of this social movement are becoming unsustainable. My friends and family have suggested that I begin charging for the promise cards. I refuse. Receive a message from a dying child who finds strength in these cards and you will understand why the cards must be free. It may just be a piece of paper, but to some people it’s all they have.I cannot rely on the generosity of donations to fulfill my mission; I must find a way to cover expenses through earned income. I write this message in search of opportunities for paid speaking engagements. Speaking to organizations or at events help spread the message, while also earning income that can cover the cost of cards. If you have taken anything positive out of this movement, I have one favor to ask… Please click “share” and help me find these opportunities. I don’t need a handout. I am willing to work for this. becauseisaidiwould.org/contact