He refused to let her down…

When Aaron was 5 years old his parent’s marriage dissolved. It was then he made a promise that he would never get divorced because he couldn’t imagine his own child experiencing that sort of pain. That’s why Aaron was devastated when he and his wife separated just after his 31st birthday. He felt like a failure. But mostly, he felt like he was letting down their one year old daughter. A promise was made years ago with the best of intentions but he had broken it. Although he and his former wife would go on to thrive as co-parents, the hardest nights were when he wasn’t physically there to say goodnight to his little girl. So, Aaron took a stab at another commitment. This time, maybe one that was more attainable. He promised that on the nights they were in separate houses, he would call his daughter on the phone at 8pm to tell her goodnight. “I want to make sure that she knows I’m always there. I want her to have the comfort of hearing my voice every night before she falls asleep.”

Aaron hasn’t missed a phone call in 5 years. 

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