“A really close friend of mine just passed away 3 nights ago…”

I received this message with a card request this week…
“A Really close friend of mine just passed away 3 nights ago. Our whole school, his family, his friends, brother,sisters are mourning right now. I really hope this will get me on the right track I also wanted to give some out to the people that were close to him. I want to say thank you for this or else I don’t know what I would of done. I’m sorry about your Dad,He sounded like a great man. If you have any extras any at all will you please send them to me? I think this would help a lot of other people to. So if you have any extras please send them to me. Don’t think you’re obligated to. I’m just asking.”

I sent 500 cards to his young man. These cards helped me when my father passed. I hope they prove useful to you. Stay strong.

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