Nonpartisan, Nonreligious, and Noncommercial Policy 

Because I said I would has distributed more than 12 million promise cards to over 150 countries around world. Because of our global reach, our movement respects and includes people who want to keep promises to better humanity regardless of their culture or beliefs.   The Policy is:
  • We are nonreligious, but we respect all religions.
    • Nonreligious does not mean we do not approve of religious events, but they should not be a part of because I said I would.
  • We are nonpartisan; not biased towards any particular political group.
    • If you invite a candidate to an event or activity you must invite the other party.
  • We are noncommercial, but we respect businesses.
    • We do not market products or use other logos on our materials.
    • Although we may speak at corporations, we are unwilling to shape our message to commercial policies or for commercial gain.
    • We also do not allow corporations to say that they sponsor us.
Our movement was born because supporters are willing to share their personal stories with us. If we became tied to a specific religion, commercial entity, or a political party, we would lose the trust of our followers and stop receiving their stories. It is not about how good or bad a religion, political party, or company is, it’s that our followers are not agreeing to be associated with these when they submit their stories to us. Therefore we are not willing to compromise on this fundamental promise to our followers.
Corporate Giving Policy
Due to the sensitive nature of the promises of our students and supporters, we do not accept donations that come with public-facing requirements.
Companies may publicize because I said I would and their support of our mission internally to their employees.
Gifts can only be accepted that are given without the expectation of advertising, sponsorship recognition, publicity on social media/earned media outlets, and public recognition including but not limited to check presentations and/or press releases.
Corporate donors agree to avoid co-branding of the because I said I would brand and logo. Co-branding includes because I said I would videos, logos, t-shirts, and social media.