“I promise to carry out project 100 Voices.”


Lwam is a visual communications design major at Northern Kentucky University.  She sent us this picture with this message:

“I received the cards! Thank you so much! I only wrote down one thing because there is only one thing that is important to me at the moment. “Carry out project 100 Voices”. I am first generation and I am going to the birthplace of my parents, Eritrea, Africa, this May. 100 Voices is a photography project that will be ran by the children in Eritrea. I’m collecting 100 cameras to give to the children who live in the villages and city. They each have 24 hours to capture their lives from their own perspectives, giving us a chance to see their lives through their eyes. I just wanted to share this with you because your card is up on my mirror and is used as a constant reminder to help inspire these kids in Eritrea.”

I looked up her project and found this link:http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/100-voices/x/2242063