“I refuse to be the cause of any of their pain”

“I suffered a spinal injury back in April which has really reduced my mobility and independence. I went from exercising and socialising and being a typical young man to someone who can’t walk without assistance. I became isolated. Alone. I became depressed. In October I made an attempt on my life. Which resulted in me being hospitalised. Was a shock coming to surrounded by my family and police. But what hit me the most was hearing my 9 year old niece saying to my 7 year old nephew “Uncle is ill. You can’t see it but he needs looking after. He has a bad head and he has forgotten how to smile.” Such simple words that hit so hard. These kids will grow up and learn about these things one day and maybe my situation will be a stepping stone on that journey but I refuse to be the cause of any of their pain. I am now receiving support and treatment and I promise myself a smile.” – Scott

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A promise to nieces and nephews