“Quitting was never an option.”

On April 7th, Matt Stoltz, age 22, would begin a six-month journey… on a bicycle. As a former big brother mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters, Matt promised that he would ride 11,750 miles, to all 30 Major League Baseball ballparks, in an effort to raise money and awareness for youth mentoring. Matt would experience foul weather, countless lonely hours on the road, ants invading his camp site, poison ivy…but what he really took away from the experience is when he would connect with people on his journey. They gladly opened their homes to some “smelly guy on a bike”.

When asked how he did it – Matt said, “Quitting was never an option. These kids are in this position because people have quit on them. I didn’t say I would bike to 15 ballparks, I said I would bike to 30.”

Way to go Matt!

For more info on Big Brothers Big Sisters, visit bbbs.org

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