The Promise Wall

As we look forward to 2013, we begin to reflect on the year past. There is something about the calendar changing that reminds us that life is short. We think about the person we have become, the challenges we have faced and risen above and the goals we have yet to reach. So we enter into a time honored tradition: the New Year’s resolution. We promise ourselves that this year is the year. The year we lose weight. The year we get a new job. The year that we reach our potential. But somewhere along the line, amidst all that hope, we lose sight of our promise. January becomes March becomes July and we diminish what we were once so confident to pursue. We say “I’m too busy” or “Tomorrow.”

What is your New Year’s resolution? Why is it more important than ever to reach your goal? Promise yourself that you will. Find the grit and determination to succeed. When the excitement of the New Year fades, press on. Don’t give up.

Many of us will be attending New Year’s Eve parties and the thought of New Year’s resolutions will be on everyone’s mind. because I said I would has come up with a fun and engaging way for you and your friends to share your New Year’s resolutions. It’s called the “Promise Wall” and it’s super simple to use.

  1. Post the “Promise wall” poster on a wall where everyone can see it.
  2. Tell everyone that they can share their New Year’s resolutions on the wall. Start by writing yours 🙂
  3. Take a picture of your New Year’s resolution and keep it as a reminder. Perhaps post it to Facebook or Twitter to help keep yourself accountable!

Some New Year’s resolutions will be funny, some will be serious. Either way, the Promise Wall is a fun and engaging party activity.

Promise Wall kits include the following:

  • 2 Promise Wall posters with 64 prints on each poster (24in x 36in)
  • A stack of 150 promise cards for your attendees to take home
  • Promise wall and promise card instruction sheets
  • Markers and tape
A donation of $50 or more is requested to cover the cost of printing and shipping the kit. For a $300 donation, I will record a custom video message for you to play at your party. I will work with you personally to tailor the message for your audience!
To donate and order a kit, click the “donate” button below!